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Nikon D850 or Nikon D820 VS Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R: Nikon Rumors

Nikon rumors: Are you ready to try Nikon D820 or D850?

Talking about the competition of two big names in the world of cameras will always be remembered on Canon VS Nikon or Nikon VS Canon. Both of these famous brands have their own fanatical fans. Are you also one of them? After Nikon is ready to serve pre-order from Nikon D7500, maybe you are interested in the latest rumors about the Nikon D820, which will likely be called as the Nikon D850.

Nikon D850 is expected to be launched with a very bombastic specification, which is reportedly the D850, which is a Full-frame camera will be launched with a very high sensor, 42MP, with video recording capability in 4K resolution with 15fps continuous shooting. The presence of Nikon D820 or the D850 is sure to be head-to-head with the main competitor, Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R. Full-frame camera enthusiasts must be very anticipate this Canon VS Nikon battle. Are you also going to be part of this tough competition?
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Nikon D850. Image:
If you often see the comparison of digital cameras, especially for professional camera category, then you must also know Sony Alpha A7R II, where the Alpha A7R II is also a full-frame camera with a very high resolution. With rumors about the Nikon D820, it looks like Sony has to prepare a special strategy to deal with Nikon and Canon in the category of professional full-frame cameras.

Maybe you also have known, that lately Nikon has used sensors manufactured by Sony. Will Nikon D820 also use a sensor from Sony? Though Nikon has purchased sensor technology from Samsung, so there is a possibility Nikon will use sensors that have been developed by Samsung. If this is true, there is the possibility that Nikon D850 or D820 will be launched with a higher sensor, 46 MP. Of course this is crazy if this happens, which will be close to 50.6 MP resolution, as has been used on Canon EOS 5DS R and the EOS 5DS.

It is said that Nikon D820 will have an auto focus system with 173 points like the Nikon D5, which we know as a high-end camera manufactured by Nikon. It is estimated the autofocus system on the D850 will be improved, in addition to the ability to record video in 4K.

If you are a professional photographer, and also a true enthusiast Nikon, then the presence of Nikon D820 must be your anticipation of attendance. If you're crazy enough to jump from DSLR entry-level cameras to professional cameras, and you're fine with the budget, then you can enter the D820 in your camera shopping list. You must be able to estimate the price range of a full-frame camera.

There are extra rumors, especially for those of you who are not interested in the Nikon D820, so Nikon also needs to anticipate other Nikon rumors, where you can look forward to the presence of Nikon D760, which is the successor to the D750. No less interesting with other brands, both from Canon and Sony, the D760 is said to be launched with 36.3MP Full-frame sensor, can also be used to create video in 4K resolution. Perhaps you do not have to use full-frame cameras with a resolution above 40MP, so you can have a Nikon D760, with more affordable prices than the D820 or EOS 5DS. Are you ready?



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