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Tips for using compact cameras

compact camera, how to use compact camera, DSLR When I hear the word photography, which first came to my mind is someone put his eye to the viewfinder while adjusting the focus by twisting the long lens Digital SLR camera. It's not wrong if I think so, but for people who have a limited budget, then buy a Digital SLR camera should be postponed. You do not need to mourn for pocket cameras are also many good ones.

Well, these tips you need to learn for novice users pocket camera:

~ Composition. Try not to place the main object right in the center of the frame, except in certain situations such as a symmetrical object. Rules of the most famous composition are "Rule of Third", in which the object wants to find is 1 / 3 the width of the frame from the edge. Please search on Google with keywords Rule of the Third for more information. Similar rules are a little more complicated is the Golden Ratio.

~ Apply the rule of composition is also third on the placement of the horizon line. This rule is not only a photographer who used it; even the artists also use it when they paint.

~ If you are photographing a very small object that causes the lens should be close to the object (roughly a few dozen centimeters), activate the macro mode. Usually in the digital camera macro mode is activated by the pictorial interest. Is devoted macro mode for close focusing distance? If you do not use macros, the object will blur and difficult to get focus.

~ Do not get used to squeeze the shutter button (which is usually suppressed if you want a slingshot) in a hurry. Please Press half just for a moment (not to 'click'), hold a full press to 'click'. Pressing the shutter button half means allowing the camera to adjust the focus lens and shutter-speed automatic. Pressed in a hurry can cause shocks or occurred blur in an image, because the focus is not perfect.

~ Basically the center auto focus lens in the center of the frame. If you want the focus is not in the middle, then do pre-focus. Point the way toward the center of the frame object that wants to be the focus of press the shutter halfway and hold. While holding that position point the camera in the other direction and set the desired composition. Then press the shutter button fully.

~ Do not take pictures against the sun's rays, but want to create a silhouette. Strong beam from behind the object may cause the object to be dark. What if I want to make silhouette, but the light behind the less powerful? Provided visibility into the background far enough, this can be done (example beach). Do pre-focus (See above) in the distant background. Do not adjust the focus directly on the object; undoubtedly foreground / object will be darkened.

~ On the condition of dark / dim blur often occur on the photo. To avoid shocks when pressing the shutter, use the timer feature. Set timer 2 seconds and press the shutter. Establish the position of the hand while waiting for the countdown ends. This method is quite powerful is used when there is no flat place to steady the camera.

~ Point of Interest is an important thing in a photograph. There should be a major part of which protrudes from a photograph. Make the object was seen protruding from the other objects around it.

~ There are people who say "The higher the megapixel of a camera, the bright picture produced". This assumption is not entirely true. Just think for example there are 50 MP cameras, whether the image 10 times brighter than a 5 MP? Of course not right? It is a measure megapixel resolution / dimension of the digital image, not the level of brightness!

~ Every now and then try to use and learn mode 'Programs' / 'Manual'. There have been many compact cameras equipped with manual or program mode. In this mode a lot of settings that can be set manually, though not as complete DSLR. Eg white balance, ISO, focus mode, and so on. If you frequently use the program or manual mode, it will be easier if you later switch from a compact camera to a DSLR camera.

Believe me; you too can produce excellent photos of a pocket camera.



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