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Smartphone Guide

This is the time to buy a smartphone. Besides that there's enough choice, a variety of attractive promos are also offered so the price more affordable. But what a smartphone is right for you?

Initially first identify what the needs of a smartphone. Maybe you buff the camera feature? Or you buff internet features? Or even features games you buff? In this day and era, almost all smartphones already have these features. Then smartphone what is suitable for beginners? 
 Operating Systems become a benchmark in choosing a smartphone. The operating system is important in determining what is the appropriate choice of smartphone. Here we will call the 5 operating system which is very popular in many countries: Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 as well as IOS.Which one is right for you?

If you need messaging, chat and email options could fall into the BlackBerry. Because until now the BlackBerry for email push it very reliable. Backed with its QWERTY keypad, it will better help you in writing an email.

If you liked the variety of free applications, could try the Android operating system. Although the application is also available but 70% paid Android applications available in the market are provided free of charge. 

 If you had previously was fanatical about the Nokia brand and want to try a smartphone, then you choose the operating system is Symbian. Where is the symbian operating system for smartphones that have long been used by Nokia. Until now, even still being developed though not as fast as Android and IOS.

Windows Phone 7, if you know whose name the operating system or Windows Mobile Pocket PC is the successor of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone is known to have a very different view with Windows Mobile 6.5. Now Windows Phone is starting to compete with Android with Windows marketnya and multimedia that can be reliable.

If you have enough funds, the IOS operating system could be an option. This operating system is buried in the iPhone smartphone. Many interactive applications that can be downloaded from the AppStore. Although most of these applications, but until recently paid for the application of social networks, and also educational games for children to be the toughest rival for Android. Multimedia was very interesting. After selecting the operating system, now we try to look to several features. This feature will also be one consideration in choosing a smartphone. The following features shall be available in a smartphone:

If indeed the requirement is based messaging smartphone QWERTY keypad could be an option. Because it easier for users to air messaging and chatting with a QWERTY keypad. But the drawbacks are usually small screen and the resolution was not high.

If the need for large-screen browsing needs are also important.Because a website would be more comfortable view with a large screen. Resolution is also a necessity because of its convenience to see the higher resolution screen will be more comfortable.

If you are enthusiasts of the game, try using a minimum-sized 3.5inch big screen. And will be maximal because it is usually with a large-screen support with touch screen features. For smartphones with touch screen display screen is a capacitive type try. Because the capacitive type is more convenient to use than the resistive type. On display will usually be necessary resistive type stylus pen for when selecting and executing, the screen should be somewhat suppressed.

If the photographs to be one important feature, consider the resolution of the camera. Smartphone minimal output from the year 2009 already has a minimum resolution of 2.0 MP.Especially when it supports HD recording feature. LED flash is also important to take pictures in dark conditions.

Internal storage media for some smartphones have a large capacity available. But if the lack of internal storage media, will usually be available external storage media that is a slot to insert a MicroSD memory card with this type. Memory cards can be replaced with larger capacity.
Features connection is also an important factor. In today usually has support 3G/HSPA connection. Also equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Budget and needs also be important in choosing a smartphone. If you have enough funds, the choice could fall into a large range of brand Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Apple iPhone and others. But if your budget are limited try-smartphone smartphone brand from China because with affordable prices you can get features that are quite worthy of a smartphone.

In addition to connectivity, the one thing that is also important inconnection with the Internet is a web browser. To get the fulldisplay of web pages (not just display the text but also imagesand other graphical components), you will need the type of HTML browser. But even this requires the support screen so you can enjoy the web page with quite comfortably. If the dimensions of the screen is too small, you will be hassle of having to do more zooming to read or mengidenfifikasi image on a web page.Therefore, you need a screen size of at least 2.8 inches.

Well one more question, if the web browser in the smartphone will support flash? Quite a lot of smartphone browser does not support Flash. Well, new problems arise when you want to enjoyYoutube video content. Without a browser that is compatible with the Flash program, you can not enjoy the content of the video sharing service.

Hopefully a few tips above can be a guide in buying a smartphone. Due to the higher specification smartphone that will be purchased will be more expensive price. Most important of all, make sure your choice as funds and needs.



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