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Many people are confused when buying a computer for business or entertainment needs. Do we still imagine a computer is a product design that impressed rigid box and comes with a keyboard and monitor? Computers now come with a variety of shapes and sizes, which are very trendy now shaped tablet computers that rely on the touch screen without the help of keyboard or keyboard.
The popularity of tablet PCs are now even accused as one of the causes of slowing growth in sales of PC, notebooks and netbooks. In fact, vendors and media tablet computer is positioned as a second computer, as a complement to laptops and notebooks, but consumers are often confused between choosing a tablet PC or notebook. To ensure you are able to maximize the use of the products you buy, here are steps that can be used as a simple guide to buy between a tablet PC or notebook.

Check Your Needs
Although both products are classified as computers, but tablet PCs and notebooks are designed for and how to use a different purpose. In fact, most outstanding tablet PC has a different operating system. You will find the operating system such as: Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and so on. Because there are differences in the operating system, application or software that is used is also different. For example, for notebooks based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you may be using Microsoft Office or Open Office to open a script or create financial statements. Unlike the case with a tablet PC, the application used is completely different, both in terms of capabilities, features and ways of use. So make sure your needs can be met newly purchased device. Another fundamental difference lies in the use of the keyboard. Although you can use a tablet PC with an additional keyboard, but almost all applications for the tablet PC is designed to maximize the touch screen. Many people are still awkward when trying to touch screen that is in a Tablet PC or Smartphone.

Check Your Budget

Once it recognizes your needs, now make sure you have enough funds to buy which one. When calculating the fund prepared to buy a tablet PC or notebook, make sure there are additional funds to purchase additional accessories or warranty support.Some tablet PCs have also been equipped with integrated mobile internet facility, which enables Internet connection through a network of mobile operator data connection. For notebooks, sometimes you have to spend extra money to buy a dongle or USB modem to connect to the internet.

Prices and models will determine the specifications of the products you buy. One of the advantages of buying a tablet output is well-known brand after sales support and resale value better.As for notebooks, which tend to remember more uniform specifications, brands, designs and prices will be a major consideration. In the market you will find the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer and various famous brands as well as newcomers to the world that this very competition is intense.

Battery endurance

Attention to the quality and quantity of batteries is important because the tablet is a handset that uses a lot of power, in general battery tablets ranged from about two hours to 10 hours, but keep in mind that battery usage is based on factors or different.

So it's back to your requirements in using the tablet, if you usually use a tablet for e-reader then make sure the battery has sufficient resilience to allow you to enjoy the e-reader. Similarly, formulti media use, at least three hours or batteries enough to last through a movie that is playing and the rest you can use to play games or do something else.

Book Reading

We recommend that you choose a tablet that has the look that meets the reading book characters to read your convenience.Starting from the features, fonts and text size that fits in your eyes.Although our society is not the reading public, but you should convince yourself that one tablet function is to educate the nation,then pay attention to book reading in the tablet is very important.

Application Content Store

This is important, when you choose a tablet then ask related content. To inquire content, you'll connect with Application Content Store. Application Content Store not only serves as a store but up to date information that can tell what applications and games to suit your tastes and needs.


You must pay attention tablet accessories, including durability,and warranty or commitment of the vendor regulations when there is damage or an accident, understand the overall regulatory procedures and policies of vendors when there is damage or an accident.

Consider your Mobility

Perhaps this is the most decisive consideration. For those who travel frequently, carry a notebook sometimes quite burden some due to the size and weight. Especially if you take it for longer periods of time, using a notebook bag.

If you have a high mobility and needs just a percentage or access the Internet, the tablet PC is the right choice. Besides light, tablet PC is also much cooler so it does not pose a problem if you forget to shut down when inside the bag. Long battery life and lit a short time a considerable added value.

Tablet PC arguably still considered a new comer, so that its development is still in its early stages. Going forward, the tablet PC will have the capability and usability more. Both the notebook and tablet PCs have advantages and disadvantages of each.

So Make sure you are not make a wrong choice because there are many sophitiscated Smartphone.

Are you still confused?

Me too.


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