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Nikon VS Canon

The war between Nikon and Canon

World of photography and cameras are now more advanced. There are varieties of sophisticated cameras from various brands. All have the sophistication with a variety of features and capabilities to take better pictures. However, if carried out a simple survey, both novice and professional photographers will be divided into two groups, fans of Nikon and Canon. This happens because of the quality and capability in a particular aspect or just a follower. Intense competitions between Nikon and Canon have long occurred since the development of analog cameras up in the era of digital cameras.

For those of you who engaged in the world photography would have no doubt the existence of Canon and Nikon. Both are often used as a reference for those people who want to buy a new digital camera either DSLM, DSLR or compact cameras. If you enthusiastically want to switch from compact to DSLR cameras, may reference below can be considered:

• Consider your budget. If you don’t have a lot of money, then the fund would be a matter of major concern. Prices Canon and Nikon actually does not differ greatly, especially if you compare them pear to pear. It's different if you compare for example with the Nikon D300s Canon 550D for example. The difference is quite a distance! In comparison to the beginner, the same class between Canon and Nikon are: Canon 1000D, 1100D, 550D and 600D versus the Nikon D3000, D3100 and D5100.

I would like to recommend you to buy an entry level camera such as Canon 1100D or Nikon D3100. Both of them are fantastic for beginners. You can save your money to buy some extra lens in the future, so you can still create many professional pictures. Learning by doing is a fantastic way to become a great photographer.

• Features. Canon and Nikon usually have similar features, but some professional photographers agree that for a beginner camera features Canon more than Nikon. Another advantage of the Canon is a higher megapixel number, but on the other hand the Nikon wins on picture quality by reducing noise levels (small dots in the figure) that sometimes occurs at high ISO in low light. So, please spinning, would choose its lot with the high MP or that its standards with high picture quality.

• Grip. It is also important in choosing a camera because the camera was held after all, not just you put in your bag. Canon in my opinion have a grip slightly under Nikon, Nikon frankly is relatively more comfortable grip. While the matter of the body, if compared with Canon 1100D Canon 1100D Nikon D3100 seems relatively more fat and heavier than the Nikon D3100 is a bit tiny. Please specify options you meditate, the body prefer small but tasty little hand held or a body fat but less fit in your hand.

• Lens. Actually this is somewhat advanced anyway; mutually new lens can be done if we are already quite familiar with the camera that we hold. But it does not matter for consideration. Relatively cheaper Canon lenses from Nikon, Canon cameras also usually compatible with all types of EOS lenses, unlike Nikon's usually a bit fussy with the affairs of the lens and the price is slightly above the lenses have a Canon.

• Look Around. Before determining the choice of a good idea to look around first, meaning that instead of looking around as did the thief before the act, but look at your friends is holding a DSLR camera. If most of your friends holding the Canon for example, it is better for you to choose the Canon also because at least you have a place to ask later on if the camera had trouble operating you’re newly purchased. Another advantage, if for example your friends have a lot of lenses, it could fairly exchange-rate lenses without having to buy. But if for example there is nothing around you are holding a DSLR, then lucky you. It could be your first person in your neighborhood who has a DSLR.

Entry level camera from Canon has more complete feature of Nikon cameras. Canon cameras are also fully compatible with Canon EOS lenses. However, the entry level camera from Nikon has better ergonomics, so it is more fitting hands. In the upper middle class, Canon has a strategy to improve picture resolution, while the Nikon is more inclined to improve image quality at high ISO (good for photos in dark situations and outdoors). Latest Camera Nikon D300s, Canon 7D and compete fairly and equally stringent performance and full-featured enough. In the professional class, Canon cameras are more suitable for photo studios, while the Nikon is better suited for sports photos, and photo journalist. Are you affected by this situation? You do not need to be confused because basically both Canon and Nikon have a high quality. You can use Canon and Nikon any time in many conditions. The choice is in your hands, or you want to enter the community of Canon or Nikon?

On the other hand, the cameras of other brands like Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax, Panasonic and even Samsung are also competing hard to improve the quality of their distinguishing features. For example Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus or Pentax dare to appear with another system called Micro Four Third (MFT) or mirror less lens camera. Nikon cameras were already producing MFT.

One of the uniqueness of this type of camera is that we can replace the lens (interchangeable lens) as in DSLR cameras as needed shots you want. You will be comfortable using it because the MFT camera is not heavy. You will love this because the size of this camera likes a compact camera. Do you want to try it?

Hopefully you get the right  camera, so you are satisfied and happy with your choice of camera.



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