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Canon rumors: Canon is developing a full-frame mirrorless camera

Do you have heard rumors about full-frame mirrorless camera that is supposedly being worked on by Canon? If so, are you excited to have it?

Gossip or rumor is not only fun to talk about the artists, celebrities or your neighbors. Photography enthusiasts can also be excited when discussing rumors about new cameras. Not long ago, Canon is also reportedly working on a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Is this gossip will tempt the enthusiast of high-end camera? As we see, there are many similar options from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, even Nikon, which is the main competitor of Canon. If of Canon serious to do this, then you will see a new war in the field of full-frame mirrorless camera, of Canon vs. Nikon. Wow.
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Canon full-frame mirrorless camera?. Image:
As we know, a full-frame camera we normally find on a large-sized camera on the group of DSLR cameras. If you are classified as a true enthusiast camera, the presence of full-frame mirrorless camera that is supposedly being made by Canon is certainly very valuable to wait.

If the news of the full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon is not just a rumor, Is it possible that Canon will produce the lenses, which are specially made for this model? If you pay attention to the article on, maybe Canon will retain EF-M mount lenses. Until today, there is no any official information that could endorses or denied this rumor. This situation would make this rumor will be increasingly debated in various versions. May be there are pros and some cons. In the midst of them, there may be anxious and had no particular expectations to Canon, especially for true fans.

Compared with mirrorless cameras manufactured by Panasonic or Olympus, Fujifilm or Sony, the EOS-M line, which is the Canon mirrorless camera, it has not been successful in this unique type of camera. Instead of innovating to develop a series EOS-M, it turns out we heard rumors about "busyness" Canon to design a full-frame mirrorless camera. Meanwhile Nikon has acquired Samsung NX, so Nikon could adopt and develop its mirrorles camera based on the technology acquired of the Samsung NX.

Is it possible there is a fortune to Canon full-frame mirrorless camera? Nikon is developing the same thing. Moreover Nikon seems to be more efficient because Nikon has successfully acquired the Samsung NX technology. As a fan of the camera, we can only wait to see how the form, features and latest technologies that will be offered by Canon on this new project.

Canon must admit being late in developing a mirrorless camera than the Nikon or Sony, especially when compared to Panasonic and Oympus, both of which are pioneers in this technology. Olympus and Panasonic has successfully developed the technology of Micro Four Thirds (MFT), or mirrorless camera. Perhaps Canon desperately need great luck, and trying harder to compete with other brands that are already well established in this field. While waiting for official word from Canon, maybe we need to look at other camera reviews, so no need to bother look forward to welcoming this new camera.



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