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Tips for choosing a laptop in year of the horse

Do you still need a laptop? This question can make us confused. Why so?

Although we invaded a variety of smartphones and smart tablets, but the laptop remains the best option to complete your work more seriously. Tablets and smartphones are very ergonomic and easy to carry anywhere, and you can exchange data with colleagues, clients or business colleagues. Creative workers, architect, graphic designers, accountants, tax consultants or business owners and corporate executives, and even the students and staff in a variety of companies still rely on a laptop or PC to support their activities.

You do not need to worry, because the laptop is now evolving with advanced technology and you can choose lighter and thinner laptops. However, before you choose one of the various brands laptop, then you need to consider several things, so that your work more smoothly and successfully. The profession and the field of work is the main reason before you decide to buy a new laptop. Or perhaps you are a gaming enthusiast, so you need a laptop that also specifically for the true connoisseurs of the game.
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Laptops offer physical keyboards for faster typing; they’re better at multitasking, and they offer a lot more power for everything from editing text, video and creating PowerPoint presentations to playing the latest games. There are hundreds of laptops available to buy, so how do you start narrowing down the options? A budget or cheap laptop is perfect for those who want to complete everyday tasks but won't need the power you'd expect from a desktop replacement model.  This kind of laptop would suit: students, novices, those on a budget or with basic computing needs.

Choosing Between an Ultrabook and a Laptop or a tablet?

With the advancement of technology and process design size, shape and beauty of the laptop, then you can choose a lighter laptop; an Ultrabook is certainly even thinner than regular laptops. But rarely Ultrabook is equipped with a DVD that can be used to copy files or photos or to make a backup. You do not need to worry, anyway you can buy an external Hard Disk, you can even get it in large capacities up to 2 Terabytes Is it not enough?

Desktop replacements aren't quite as portable as smaller Ultrabooks, but these 14- and 15-inch laptops offer everything you need for a day-to-day PC.  Ultrabook or Ultraportable laptops may not be your main computer or laptop, but an additional laptop you use when out and about or for work on the go. 
laptop tips, how to buy laptop, new laptop, ultrabook, tablet, smartphone, RAM, Windows, PC, Intel, AMD, Hard Disc, laptop for work
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There are many ways to categorize laptops, and we've seen systems chopped into multimedia, gaming, thin-and-light, ultraportable, Ultrabook, and ultraslim. Ultraportable systems with 11 and 12-inch screens are making a comeback, thanks to new laptop entries from Apple and Sony, and hybrids from HP and Lenovo, and others such as Toshiba, Asus, Acer or Fujitsu.

If you are a gamer, you should probably make sure your laptop has 3-4 GB of RAM. The processor is what thinks for your computer. It is measured in gigahertz. Most processors these days are "multiple cores." This means they can handle more processing tasks at the same time.

If you want to use your laptop as a one-stop shop for entertainment as well as straight out computing - playing games, watching films, listening to music or editing video - then a multimedia laptop could be right for you.

There are a wide variety of sizes, features and prices, which makes choosing the right laptop a challenge. Try not to buy laptops with one year or less of warranty. Most laptops are backed by a complimentary one-year warranty on parts and labor; Asus and Costco sell laptops that come with two-year warranties. The price of US$ 500 up to US$760 was considered a good price for a budget laptop.

How many days per week to you plan on carrying your laptop around with you?  Frequent commutes suggest a lightweight 13-inch Ultrabook which is similar to the MacBook Air. Making a surprising comeback are ultraportable laptops with 11.6-inch screens, including several recent 11-inch hybrids and Windows tablets, where you may only have to take the screen with you and leave the keyboard base at home or the office.
laptop tips, how to buy laptop, new laptop, ultrabook, tablet, smartphone, RAM, Windows, PC, Intel, AMD, Hard Disc, laptop for work
Everyone can use a laptopImage:
When you choose a laptop you can choose the processor that made by AMD or Intel. Both of the processor brands are always competing in speed and energy savings. Now you just need to determine your needs that you associate with the capacity of the hard disk according to your activity, as well as the capacity of RAM that will speed you to be able to support multi-tasking, or you just need a laptop for simple jobs such as creating a blog, create a script or mailing and processing of statistical data, play games, edit video, and so on. The needs and readiness of the budget is an important basis before you determine which laptop you would choose.

Because it is still in the atmosphere of Chinese New Year, the year of the horse is a critical time to buy a laptop or Ultrabook at more affordable prices. You can get the golden opportunity until the end of February 2014. You can also look forward to a computer exhibition which is usually held before mid-March 2014. If you take advantage of special holiday mood as Lunar New Year and great exhibits, then you can buy computer products with economical package combined with unique bonuses such as flash drives, memory cards and upgrade on the RAM or hard disk capacity.



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