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The dangers to post the pictures to social networking

Do readers like post a food photo, a picture of yourself, child photos, family photos, photo flip, thumb photos, images and all kinds of doggy photos to the internet, especially Social Media such as Foursquare, or Twitter?

NBC Action News shows in the event that the photos we upload to Social Media, besides of course contain the image captured by the camera we also contain hidden information called metadata.
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Geotagging. Image:

What is the metadata?

In general, the metadata describing the data in this case, photo or images, a description of the image captured by the camera. This information is embedded in the photo / image that we take, which is needed by the application of computers to process the photo to make a better image.

At some format image / photo, the information stored is complete, such as information about ISO, Aperture, Flash, Lens Type, applications to process and this is very dangerous.

The dangerous of Geotagging.

What is a Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of providing information or add a location (Latitude coordinates - longitude and Longitude - Latitude) on a document or photo. This information can show the exact location where the photo was taken. Smartphone devices such as iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry or iPad or Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note, in most cases have the ability to automatic add this information in the photos we take.
digital camera with GPS, geotagging, smartphones, metadata
Digital camera with geotagging. Image:

A lot sophisticated camera that produced lately I've also added a GPS (Global Positioning System) which can determine the coordinates of our position accurately. It's just this kind of camera users generally have understood why he bought the camera with GPS facility. While users of smartphone or tablets are generally ordinary people, many are not aware of this problem. After they taking pictures with a variety of styles, and then they post their pictures to the Internet.

Ignorance of many people about embedding location information in the photo could be bad, if there are people who want to do evil. Only by using a simple application, they can learn various things about our lives:

- Where we live
- Anyone who lives in our house
- Where are the children going to school.
- Where are the children of foreign language tutoring, tutoring piano and so on
- Where we work and our habit of eating lunch or dinner.
- When we left the house and were located where

Because it all comes apart coordinate our positions, also comes with our time taking photos and post them to Twitter or foursquare.
Flicker geotagging, smartphone geotagging, digital camera geotagging
Flicker geotagging. Image:

Prevention tips:
In order to avoid certain application retrieve and transmit data about the location we are, smartphone or tablet allows us to turn off this service.

iOS (iPad or iPhone)

On the iPhone or iPad, try clicking the Settings menu, then click the sub menu: Privacy, then there will be a choice of Location Services. If we click, it will show all applications that require the location of where we are or do something. If the Location Services option is turned on, then it could aplikasi2 know where we are at any given time.

For example, if we turn on the option Camera Location Services, at the time when we take photos, then our location data in the form of Latitude coordinates (latitude) and Longitude (latitude) will be stored along with other information in our pictures. Later one day, if we use iPhoto to manage the photos, we can know our photographs taken anywhere in the form of a map of the world.

BlackBerry System 10

On BlackBerry 10, select the Settings menu, then select the sub menu Location Services, in the More Info section, there is an option to turn off Location Services. If it is turned off, then all applications that take advantage of the position we were not going to take us another location data, including Maps.

If you just want to turn off the service in a particular application, click "Go to application permissions to set .....” will display all the applications that use Location Services, click on the application and then turn off the option: Location and GPS Location.
Smartphone with geotagging features. Image:

Android such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Select the Settings menu, then select the Location Services, then turn off all wireless networks User option and Use GPS satellites. However it will shut down all services needed by other applications that require our position.

Unlike in iOS or BlackBerry, to turn off the GPS facility on the particular application, we should immediately turn off on the application, for example Camera: turn on the Camera application, select the Settings menu in the app, then select GPS Tag sub menu, select Off .

It is a turn off Location Services on the examples of several types of Mobile Operating System that is popular in the community , other models flavors taste pretty much the same way , just looking at the Settings sub- menu and turn off Location Services .

Hopefully this article helps you to save yourself and your family from harmful interference and problems from the bad guys.

Thank you to Mr. Guntur Gozali who have share this information for me and my friends.



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