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Why do we have to choose a Bridge or Prosumer Cameras?

The world of photography is now more advanced and delightful. Now you can get the various models, features and sophistication offered at an attractive price variations. Yet still many of us who do not know what camera that fits our needs. Because of hobby needs, documentation, traveling or studying photography must have different specifications. Because of this familiarize yourself what to be your choice.

In general there are three types to choose compact-system cameras are cameras, Prosumer and digital SLR cameras. Most people choose a compact camera with a reason it easier to carry anywhere, with point-and-shoot operation. It is very easy to use compact-system cameras.

The photographer in action with a Prosumer cameraImage:

Photography enthusiasts and novice photographers who want to learn more and want to explore further, then they need a camera that is not just "point and shoot", because these types of cameras have some limitations and fully automated operation. Whereas to produce better image results needed more features and technology support. That's why it takes a professional or advanced camera. Hence you can choose Prosumer or digital SLR camera.

                                Prosumer or bridge cameras in 2013. Image:

For those who are constrained by budget, digital SLR is not the right choice. As we know because the price of digital SLR camera is still high for some people. Not to mention the additional accessories needed to complement the needs of the camera. Model and the shape are also quite big and heavy to carry everywhere. No doubt digital SLR has better picture quality with the ability to change lenses as needed.

Camera manufacturers trying to bridge the needs of photography enthusiasts, who have limited budget, but need reliable camera capabilities for everyday use. This type of camera is able to cover a variety of conditions with ease to carry anywhere. Hence, camera manufacturers already produce type-system that exists between a compact camera and digital SLR. The camera is known as a Prosumer camera, and some even call it a bridge before you are ready to have a professional camera or a Digital SLR camera.

Prosumer cameras uniqueness

Prosumer camera has a body like a digital SLR camera, and comes with a long lens, but cannot be removable like the lens on a DSLR camera. This is one of the advantages that a Prosumer camera than the other, which is a long zoom lens attached. In fact, now you can get a Prosumer camera with ultra zoom lens or a super zoom, and some even have more than 20x optical zoom. So with no lens attached that can reach the objects both near and far. Unlike the compact camera which on average has a shorter optical zoom?

The size of circle lens Prosumer cameras tends to be smaller than digital SLR and larger than the compact-system cameras. This is because the size of the sensor used is smaller than the Prosumer digital SLR and larger than a compact camera. It's one of the fundamental differences between the three types of cameras. And this will be related to the ability of the camera to process the image. The bigger the sensor, the resulting image will be better.

Features of Prosumer cameras like digital SLR camera. Program settings can be set manually. Aperture or diaphragms, ISO and shutter speed can be set manually. So our creativity is not limited by the automated system, like on a compact camera, all executed automatically. And the more alluring, almost all Prosumer has the ability to record video and Live View facility. Apparently not all digital SLR cameras have these features.

      Fujifilm PinePix XS-1 bridge digital camera.  Image:

Prosumer cameras are considered more practical for everyday photography. With the price and lighter weight than digital SLR, then the Prosumer cameras become the choice of many people. For photographing macro, landscape, sport and night shot is still possible to do well, although there are some limitations. Especially for night shooting, some Prosumer type mounting an external flash to add features that are useful for flash paired with greater power.

With all the advantages and disadvantages, Prosumer camera is very comfortable to use for vacation, family events, birthday parties, weddings, photographing babies and pets. You can also use a Prosumer camera to accompany a business trip, so you've got a business trip and photo documentation together with business associates, clients and government officials.

Simple advice to get the best photos from Prosumer cameras:

First: Avoid the use of high ISO, it means to play it safe at base ISO up to a maximum of ISO 400. Second: Do not use above ISO 400. You do not expect too much to photography with a narrow DOF, such as portraits or still life. Third: You should avoid photography that requires fast-paced camera work, including shutter, auto focus up to the faster continuous shooting. Fourth: Prosumer users must rely on the existing lenses, so you do not need to change another lens, although you can install add-on/conversion lens accessory lenses.

In the year 2013, you can choose Prosumer cameras brands: Pentax X5, Canon PowerShot SX50 HS, Nikon Coolpix P510, BenQ GH-700, Fujifilm PinePiX series or Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and Olympus SP 800UZ, and other models that will be launched in a few months. You can rely on one of these cameras for all day-to-day activities.




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