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Pentax X5, a prosumer camera with 26x optical zoom

Prosumer cameras appear and exist in the power of a professional camera and the compact-system cameras.

Not everyone wants Digital SLR cameras due to their large size and high-priced, they are also less like a camera with a compact system. They also do not require an expensive mirrorless camera though the lens can be replaced with another lens. The camera manufacturers really understand the needs of camera enthusiasts. Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, BenQ, Olympus and Nikon tried to make a bridge that blends style Digital SLR camera at an affordable price. The bridge is often referred to as a prosumer camera.

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Pentax X5 in black and silver. Image:
Another term for this versatile camera, in addition called as a prosumer camera, also called a bridge camera, meaning it is considered a kind of bridge cameras Digital SLR cameras (professional) with the compact-system cameras. Prosumer cameras have a similar body appearance Digital SLR cameras and is always armed with a super zoom lens, so that the user does not need to change lenses. Pentax has also launched a Prosumer camera to compete with other brands. You could try the Pentax X5.

Apparently a lot of people recommend the Pentax X5. Pentax X5 has a lot of advantages that you can consider when buying a new camera. Pentax X5 with a resolution of 16 Megapixels CMOS sensor and 26x optical zoom with digital zoom up to 7.2. Even you can use the macro mode with Pentax X5 is the result of a sharp image.

The camera is also equipped with features and HD Recording Image Stabilization, so you can prevent blur in your photos. You can create quality video with 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps.

 If you want to take pictures at night or in low light conditions, you do not have to worry because Pentax X5 already equipped with handheld night scene mode, much less has been coupled with dual shake-reduction system. This system can reduce blur caused by vibration in your hand. If needed, you can use the built-in flash that already exist in the Pentax X5 especially for photography in the evenings or when there is back light in daylight.
Pentax X5, bridge camera, prosumer digital camera
Pentax X5 with great LCD screenImage:
Pentax X5 is a Prosumer camera that equipped with various advanced features SLR camera class yet easy to use, making it suitable for use by novice photographers who do not have a big budget. 

You can compare the Pentax X 5 with other prosumer cameras like the Canon PowerShot SX500, Nikon Coolpix series, the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ200 or Benq GH600.

If you look carefully, Pentax X5 has the impression like a professional camera, so you will look stylish when you take this camera for holiday, social activities, family event anda hangout with family and friends, also for business meeting.

If you are in the midst of confusion to select digital SLR cameras or compact-system camera, then you can choose Pentax X5, this prosumer camera as a bridge, so that you have a new camera right away for all your activities.


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