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BlackBerry Z5 is an affordable version of the BlackBerry Z10

If you object to the price of a BlackBerry Z10 feels expensive, then you can look forward to BlackBerry Z5. You may have noticed the presence of A10 Blackberry. Blackberry Z5 allegedly as a cheaper version of the Blackberry Z10. This is attributed to the presence of the Blackberry Q5 which is a cheaper version of the Blackberry Q10.

With the presence of the Blackberry Z5, it can be concluded that the Canadian manufacturer will launch a smartphone in 6 pieces in 2013. BlackBerry attendance this year is starting from Blackberry Z10, followed by Blackberry Q10. In the meantime you will see the presence of the Blackberry Q5 and A10 also have no news on the Internet. Of course the great news is the most recent news about the presence of Blackberry Z5.
BlackBerry Z5. Image:

Blackberry Smartphone Z5 appears to have similarities to the Blackberry Z10, by using full touch screen. However, in terms of the design will look different. Blackberry Z5 is more similar to the Sony Xperia Tipo with a slightly elongated size.

However, it is unfortunate presence of the images is not accompanied by complete data on the specifications that will be taken by the Z5 Blackberry. However, some sources believe that this will bring Blackberry Z5 with a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, which is equivalent to the more expensive BlackBerry Z10.

 PhoneArena on June 5, 2013 mentions that the Blackberry looks determined to return to repeat the past glory as in the past in the smartphone market. In fact step is to bring a variety of variants that can certainly make it easier for consumers to adapt to future needs and income.
If we judging from the few products that have been present known that Blackberry Z10, Q10 and A10 will be present for the high end or upscale users. As for the entry level or down the available of Blackberry Q5 and Z5. Indonesian society is known to have a BlackBerry fan site, and then the presence of BlackBerry Z5 will surely be greeted warmly. How about you?

However, unfortunately, up to this news published there has been no official statement from the Blackberry to Blackberry Z5 presence of this truth. You do not have to worry about any rumors about the BlackBerry smartphone. If you are patient enough, you dream to have a BlackBerry with the latest technology will be realized in the near future.



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