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Simple Tips to choose the Tablet

Are you tempted to buy a Tablet PC? Buying a tablet is not too complicated in the past month when the iPad was first introduced in the market. As Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab come with Android OS 2.2 operating system, the tablet is not considered a competitor iPad.

However, when the operating system Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet developed and emerging Playbook tablet with RIM's BlackBerry operating system and HP tablet with WebOS operating system, the tablet competition even more festive.

Well, with so many tablets on the market today, how do you choose and decide?
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It should be understood that the tablet is not a laptop replacement. Tablet is very fitting used to surf the internet, replying to e-mails, or doing simple tasks. However, it is not replacing the laptop, including those based Windows 8 as Microsoft's Surface. In fact, if your tablet has a USB port, not a driver causes a limited selection of peripherals are not compatible.

Keyboards, flash drives, or the mouse is okay. However, the tablet may not work with HSDPA or DVD writer. If you intend to perform tasks out of town or overseas, you should bring a laptop or netbook.

Select the appropriate size screen
The device is the smallest of the tablet category with 5-inch Dell Streak. Additionally, you can choose a 7 inch, 8.9 inch, 9.7 inch, to 10.1 inches. Compromise between portability and screen size is an individual choice.
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 Storage Capacity

Some tablet provides a slot to add external memory, if the capacity of the internal memory does not match the needs of the user. Thus, the storage capacity can be upgraded as the user desires. But some do not provide it, such as the Apple iPad. When users buy the iPad with a capacity of 16 GB, so memory cannot be increased anymore.
 If this saves a lot of photos and video that requires large storage, choose a tablet that has an external memory slot. Option of external memory card up to 32 GB is usually still reliable. However, now some tablets even started offering the ability to read external storage media up to 2 TB.
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 Camera Quality

Camera quality is another aspect to consider. Many users use a tablet for family photos, vacation photos, and many other things. If you hooked the photos, choose a tablet that has a decent quality camera and a large number of megapixels.


The use of tablet PCs in general takes a lot of battery power. Consider the quality and quantity of battery prior to purchase. Choose the tablet that has long battery life.

Weights and Measures

Tablet weight is not less important. Tablets are heavier and tend to discourage the use of intrusive mobility. Similarly, the sizes because users might have trouble getting protective gloves or keep it in a briefcase. Choose tablet with a weight and size that can be tolerated.

You do not need to be confused when choosing between laptops, netbooks, ultrabook or tablet. You have to understand what your needs, so you can make the right decision. My advice, you can own both, laptops and tablets. We know the price of the laptop and the tablet is now available at affordable prices.


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  1. Very interesting blog. Great information has been shared. After read your tips on your post, I can easily decide the best android phone for me according to its features. Thank you so much for help to clear my vision about android phone!!and i really like it.


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