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DSLR review

Many are asking what the advantages and disadvantages of a DSLR camera system. In general, all DSLR cameras is almost the same: have a large sensor is larger than a pocket camera / mobile phone, has the function of manual and automatic. What distinguishes usually is the design, features and a collection of lenses and accessories.

It's hard to say which system is best because each has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each model is different and has its own advantages, disadvantages, too.
According to my observations during the last two-three years, I will review briefly some of the uniqueness of the popular DSLR camera system.

Canon: One of the camera system is the most popular DSLR cameras in the world. Canon lens has a complete collection of low-quality to high. Canon cameras are also complete for the beginner to very advanced for upscale professionals.

I love the camera-Canon brand camera novice compared to other brands such as Canon 1100D for beginners, 500D and 550D I think it is easy to use, the interface and menus are also very neat and well organized. Disadvantages of Canon cameras beginner material rather cheap and not so good when your handheld.

The last two years, more focus in the development of Canon DSLR camera that can record video clips. To date, almost all Canon DSLR cameras surpass its competitors in the affairs of the video recording.

Nikon: Same as Canon, Nikon system can be fairly complete.Many Nikon lenses are high quality and more expensive than the Canon. I liked especially the advanced Nikon camera (D300s, D700, D3) since the auto focus works very well, probably the best compared to other brands. Control of noise at high ISO is also a class above other brands, making it suitable to be used for photos in a dark room conditions.

Unlike the Canon, I did not really like Nikon beginner camera (D40, D60, D3000, D3100) because I think the inter-face is not good. For example the menu structure is less tidy and also the buttons are available to access less frequently used settings. In addition, beginners Nikon camera has no auto focus motor so that for some long lens, can not use auto focus (manual only).

Sony: Sony is a relative newcomer, but the Konica Minolta technology that uses technology in Sony's acquisition a few years ago. Sony is quite aggressive and a lot of new models every year, but the models are similar-similar camera. Sony also has a row of camera models from which to beginners up to the professionals, even for professionals who are not as sophisticated and as much as Canon & Nikon.

There is some uniqueness in Sony cameras than Canon and Nikon. For example his cameras have built-in feature that helps prevent the steady shot image blur due to hand shakes us (if Canon & Nikon feature is located on the lens). So many cameras Sony also has two auto focus sensor so that the auto focus when live view mode (such as a pocket camera) much faster than any other brand cameras. In addition, many models of Sony cameras that have LCD screens that can swivel so as to facilitate the composition of the photo above the head or under foot.

During its development, beginner camera Sony is not so changed in its features, most only slightly changed design. For the choice of sophisticated camera, Sony does not offer much, A700 and A900 had not been updated for a long time.

On the other hand, Sony aggressively in producing camera-like DSLR cameras like the Sony A55, A33, and Sony NEX-5, NEX-3.

Pentax: Pentax arguably a small player in the arena of digital SLR cameras, but the Pentax camera design is actually quite good.The focus of the Pentax factory in recent years is to be different (Be Different). Pentax DSLR cameras such as miles, kx small but sturdy with enough features to compete. The uniqueness of this camera is to use the universal AAA batteries, so if you run out of batteries, can simply buy in a store nearby. Pentax kx is also available in various colors like white and red.

Then Pentax also has a K7 and K5, which is a sophisticated SLR camera size is not so great, but bear in bad weather, including in very cold conditions. In the system, a collection of Pentax lenses are not as much as the big three (Canon, Nikon, Sony) but the Pentax has a lens - a lens prime / fixed a very small and of high quality such as the Pentax 70mm f/2.4, 31mm f/1.4 and so on.Like Sony, all Pentax camera models are also equipped with vibration dampers are built-in.

Olympus: Olympus DSLR system uniqueness lies in the size of the camera and lens are comparatively smaller and thinner. This is because the Olympus sensor using 4:3 (four thirds), which is smaller than a DSLR those presented above. As a result, the maximum image quality from 4:3 sensor is some what less, especially at high ISO. However, Olympus photo quality is much better than a pocket camera. Although small, except for the camera Olympus E-420 model, there are also features built-in vibration. Olympus E-620 is also very interesting for you to test.

Every digital camera has all the features and sophistication with its ability to produce quality images. But the man behind the gun very important role in addition to the sophistication of a camera. If you frequently use your camera, then you will be more familiar with the various buttons and features on your camera. Take advantage of your leisure time to bring your camera when going for a walk or on holiday alone or with family and friends. 



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