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Canon EOS M series with fantastic features

If you need a compact system with interchangeable lenses and a resolution of 18 megapixels, so one of the Canon EOS M series is a great choice as a new companion. The EOS M has a simple creative controls and superb performance in low-light conditions for exceptional images. Canon EOS M is the quality of a digital SLR in a compact body.

Now you can have a Canon EOS M2, despite rumors about the presence of Canon EOS M3, however the first series of the EOS M is also very qualified for your photography needs. You do not need to spend much money for a new camera. If there is a camera store that sells the first series or Canon EOS M2, then you also will get a camera with a high quality image results.

Canon EOS M has a compact design with good quality in a small body, and no weight when you make as a companion of your holiday, you can even replace the lenses easily, according to your photography needs. Captures razor-sharp images and rich colors that can be printed up to A2 with extraordinary details. The CMOS sensor 18 megapixel APS-C has the same size as those used in the EOS Digital SLR and offers the same exceptional quality of images. The DIGIC 5 processor 14-bit color gradations ensures accurate and high color depth.
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Canon EOS M2Image:

Canon EOS M can be set easily, even for a novice photographer. While composing a photograph with the EOS M, Scene Intelligent Auto technology camera also analyzes the subject, assessing the color, brightness and movement and even detecting the presence of people. This information is used to choose the most suitable settings, providing the best possible results. Wow.

Canon EOS M key features:

CMOS sensor APS-C by 18 Mp
DIGIC 5 processor 14-bit
New Hybrid AF system for photos and videos
Touch screen display 7,7cm and 1.04 million points
ISO 100-12800, expandable to ISO 25,600
Full-HD video with Video Snapshot mode and stereo audio

The Canon EOS M will give you maximum freedom of expression. You will enjoy the same quality of a digital SLR with compact size to carry it everywhere. Changing the EF-M can change the point of view EF and take advantage of the range of EF and EF-S with an adapter EF-EOS M optional. Don’t forget to use the creative effect mode. You can create stunning images with blurred backgrounds evenly for a more professional. You'll get creative effects advanced quickly thanks to the user-friendly controls.

The EOS M is easy to use with fantastic results. The controls are quick and simple to use, so you'll always be ready to express yourself. An LCD touch screen 7.7 cm or 3 inch. The Clear View II offers an intuitive control menu functions and the ability to focus and shoot with a single touch. This camera is also very easy to use in low light conditions. The autofocus hybrid generates razor-sharp images, while the evaluative metering exposure chooses speed and aperture most suitable. You can shoot handheld in low light conditions without using a flash or a tripod thanks to the maximum sensitivity of ISO 12,800, and expandable to 25,600.  
Canon EOS M, Canon EOS M2, canon rumors, Canon EOS M3 rumors, mirorless camera, MFT camera, New Canon Camera,
Canon EOS M2. Image:
 Although the Canon EOS M has a tiny body, however you can create Full HD video. You can capture outstanding image quality, even in low light conditions, to explore new creative approaches, as the focus depth of field. Enhance your movies with Video Snapshot, so you can take a series of short clips lasting 2, 4 or 8 seconds, mount them and then play them back as a video presentation into a single video file. All with the quality of stereo sound.

The Canon EOS M is a serious contender for mirrorless camera or other MFT cameras, which ahead of time manufactured by Nikon, Sony, Samsung or Panasonic and Olympus. If you need a small camera with the ability of a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS M is the right choice, even though some other brands have to offer features that are too great for you to consider. Are you looking forward to the Canon EOS M3? If so, you should always follow the news or Canon rumors.


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