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BlackBerry Classic with great camera features

BlackBerry want to spoil the fans so crazy smartphone ever, even Barack Obama is one of the loyal users, as well as businessmen, celebrities and young people and parents around the world, and even Indonesia was also the largest user of BlackBerry in the world. After presenting the BlackBerry Passport, the Canadian smartphone company give you a chance to enjoy the nostalgia, along with the famous smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. However, you will get the update that follows the development of the technology that exists today.

By the way; whether you already watch the latest video clips from your BlackBerry smartphone on Canada's origin, which is the BlackBerry Classic? In the video you can see the features that the old back is displayed on the BlackBerry Classic as a track pad, buttons short cut and physical QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry typical. Now BlackBerry again showcase excellence that will be carried smartphone Classic, namely excellence in camera feature.

Blackberry Classic may only be supported camera with 8 megapixels sensor, plus the latest software support BlackBerry 10.3.1 believed to bring photographic experience that much better. Here are some features of the camera to be carried BlackBerry Classic:

Offline Time Shift Mode
Took this picture at the right time is never as easy as using the Offline Time Shift mode. Time Shift can capture a series of photos which you can later choose the most appropriate moment. Offline mode now lets you perform photo editing later, so you can continue taking pictures as you want and then do the editing later.
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                                                                   BlackBerry Classic. Image:

Timer for Selfie enthusiast
For those who really like to take pictures selfie, then the timer feature would be very meaningful. And features a timer on your BlackBerry Classic can be operated easily. It seems that BlackBerry has understood the needs of the enthusiast selfie.

Panorama Mode
BlackBerry Classic lets you can take panoramic photos with extremely easy. After activating the panorama mode, users simply shift to the left or to right according to the instructions on the screen. The panorama mode is perfect for capturing such a broad view of the city, sea, mountain or a building as a monument that became an icon of a city.

HDR mode
If you have ever used a BlackBerry Bold 9900, you must understand the advantages of HDR. This technology combines multiple photos of different exposures into a photograph to produce a dynamic range that is higher than the usual photos. With HDR enabled BlackBerry Classic, you also can create some cool effects. Remember that not all smartphones equip their products with this HDR feature, so it has a BlackBerry Classic is a special advantage for you.

When you will use the facility on a smartphone camera, do you know about what will happen in the next minute in an event? If you want to take a picture at the right moment but do not know when that moment will happen, then you can activate burst mode. By using burst  mode, you can find the right shots at the moment. Of course you can also use the Time Shift to impress others.
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BlackBerry Classic vs BlackBerry Passport. Image:
Shutter Buttons
BlackBerry Classic allows you to take pictures using the trackpad, spacebar, mute button, or by pressing the icon on the screen. With so many buttons that can be used to take pictures, so you do not need will depend on the camera shutter button. Not all smartphones have this unique feature, so that the Classic has given you the freedom to choose.

Whether you going back will make the BlackBerry Classic as your companion? Or you will make the Classic just as your second companion? Wow. 



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