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Huawei Honor 3c a new Quad-Core Smartphone

Concurrently with the new Smartphone octa core Honor 3 xs, Huawei also revealed the emergence of quad core Android Smartphone Honor 3c. Just like Huawei Honor 3 xs, Huawei Honor 3c is a Smartphone with middle-class specifications. Only Huawei Honor 3c offers a lower specification and less costly than the Huawei Honor 3x. Huawei Honor 3c perform to specification LPTS 5-inch screen with 720p resolution, a quad-core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6582, 2GB RAM, 1GB/2GB of internal memory, 8MP rear camera (f/2.0 aperture), 5MP front camera and battery capacity 2300mAh. In addition, Huawei Honor 3c also supported dual-SIM slot (WCDMA + GSM or GSM + TD-SCDMA). You can freely use two SIM cards to facilitate your communications.


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Huawei Honor 3c
Currently there is no official information whether Huawei Honor 3c will be launched globally or only sold in China alone. Huawei Honor is scheduled to begin 3c can be ordered online through the official retailer or Hawaii’s own, The price of Huawei Honor 3c 1GB model is $ 130, while the 2GB models priced at around $ 160. The prices are not too expensive, even though the Smartphone has specifications and advanced features.

Huawei has shown great achievement in the world of smartphone and gadget enthusiast. It seems that Chinese products will follow in the footsteps Oppo that you know with Oppo N1 and various Korean brands such as Samsung and LG. You now have many options to choose a Smartphone with great performance, even the camera capabilities of smartphones such as the Oppo and Huawei, has rocked the smartphone market, particularly among young users and social media enthusiast who is very fond of uploading personal photos and other photos that they shoot anywhere.

How about you? Is the end of 2013, and early 2014 will be the time for hunting the latest gadg



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