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Tips and solutions to overcome the problems of radiation on cell phone

radiaton on cell phone, cancer

The radiation hazards on the smartphone or the mobile phone is still controversial, there is even a survey and research on the effects of radiation on human health. Many concerns about radiation emitted from mobile phone use. Moreover, it is said, a radio signal released by the device is carcinogenic and can be called trigger cancer.

Various issues of disease and the symptoms of mobile phone radiation disturbances such as dizziness, insomnia, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, and other bath a threat that continues to haunt. Medical science continues to bring up the pros and cons on the issue of whether there is any danger of radiation on cellular telephones or smartphone.

Although medical science still has not the same opinion about the dangers of cell phone radiation, but it is better if we take preventive measures to avoid things that are not desirable, as follows:

1. Use a wired headset. The use of the headset is very significant to help reduce the radiation to the brain. Almost all phones now provide a headset, so use it. Especially when you have a conversation too often and talk for a long time.

2. Flight mode feature is designed to turn off the phone when the signal beam is used in flight. Automatically by activating flight mode, then the radiation will be stopped. Try to get used to activate the feature at night when going to bed.
3. Safest course of action is that you have to get used to turning the phone off when sleeping, do not worry later the alarm will not sound. Because the number of mobile phones, it will still work even if you're off in smartphone. With your mobile phone battery condition still contains enough power.

There is also information that children are susceptible to the radiation from mobile telephones, so that you as parents are advised that children reduce the use of mobile phone. Maximize the use of SMS, BlackBerry Messenger and other chatting features. Perhaps the children are given earphones that have good quality, so it can maintain the health of their ears, and prevent the danger of radiation on the brain your children.

Actually there are many other ways to avoid the dangers of mobile phone radiation. If you have other tips and solutions, please comment and provide information for blog readers. Remember: the more you give, the more you get.



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  1. The industry should have put these warnings on these phones a long time ago. Cell Phone Radiation Protection


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