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New surprise from Oppo for smartphone enthusiast

Are you ready?

After shocking smartphone enthusiast in the presence of Oppo Finder, Oppo Find 5 and Oppo Find 7, there is more news that rose about N-Lens series to be issued by the OPPO. It has been confirmed that the initial model of the N-Lens series will be named N1 and will be officially released in September 2013.

Oppo reach touch panel, Oppo Find 7, Oppo N1, smartphone camera
Oppo N1 with the provocative tagline. Image:
From some leaked photos that circulated on the Internet, Oppo N1 series is likely to rely on the camera that has been confirmed to have a resolution of 13 MP. 

Although it has the same resolution as its predecessor, the Find 5, but the chip is embedded in the N1 camera will have the ability to much more sophisticate and can be relied upon by its users.

With the ability of the camera is capable of capturing images in low light conditions, Oppo hope that the N1 with the latest N-Lens and Xenon flash, then the Oppo will be able to compete with competitors like Nokia Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Sony Xperia Z1. 

Surprises from Oppo N1

If you be patient before you buy a new smartphone, then you will be surprised with the features on the Oppo N1, namely the existence of a rear touch panel functions on the smartphone, where there will be a touch panel on the back of the Oppo N1.
Oppo N-lens. Image:
OPPO has not been explained in detail about the features in the rear touch panel. But certainly, those features are interesting things worth waiting presence, since these features will provide a new experience in using smartphone.
Tremendous leap of Oppo. Image:
Oppo also gave hint that leads to the perception that the Oppo N1 will have a large screen, but there is no news about the screen size. This is another one more mystery from the N1 worth the wait.

Oppo presence will give a unique color in the smartphone competition in the world, and many famous brands would have to be alert to the surprise of Oppo.

 Oppo seems that in the future will focus on making innovations in design, technology and the ability of the camera to be a viable alternative for photography enthusiasts around the world. 

Are you going to fall in love and want to hold the Oppo N1 or Oppo Find 7 that you could have bought at various electronic stores in your town, or you can buy them in online stores?


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  1. This is a good review regarding Oppo Smartphone which describes its specs in detail. I read it completely and rate it good.


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