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Recognize the uniqueness and the properties of a digital camera

If you're hunting a new camera, especially if you are a beginner, or if you want to switch from a compact system camera user, then you need to know some uniqueness and properties (characteristics) of various brands of cameras that have graced the world.

By knowing the characteristics of different cameras, then you will have an overview of the use of the camera for your needs can be adjusted to the nature and focus you as a photographer. Do you have plans to buy a camera? In 2013 is a good time to buy a new digital camera, both a new type of digital camera and the previous season. 

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Some of the characteristics and uniqueness of digital cameras that you can make reference are as mentioned below:
1.    Leica - It is a very conservative brand of the design of the camera, lens and philosophy. Many Leica products are still made by hand in Germany. Due to the quality of materials and work by hand by experts, the price is also much higher than DSLR cameras. Leica as traditional rich people, who love driving luxury cars for example vintage Rolls Royce and fashion from Prada or Hermes. 
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2.    Canon - Canon brand which emphasizes on ease of use. Design of the Canon menu interface is simpler than the others. Canon is also concerned with the design of the camera and lens. Camera and lens design many color and shape options. With designs and colors that stand out, it felt cool and professional. Canon if people like the slang.
3.    Nikon - the camera is a brand that has long fluttering. Nikon F mounts system of its history from 1935. Nikon is quite conservative in design DSLR camera. From model to model, shape, location of buttons and menus are something like. Lenses made decades ago can still be used in modern DSLR cameras (of course there are drawbacks, such as cannot auto focus / metering). Menu Nikon camera models even though a lot of beginners. People usually like Nikon technique. Nikon like the geek (the people who have in-depth knowledge about a thing and usually so deep to the point where normal people do not care.)
4.    Fujifilm - Fuji is one brand that has long flown from the film to the digital era. In the digital era, Fuji somewhat is behind than other brand. But in recent years, Fuji began to introduce camera that looks like a film camera but in earlier times the content with digital technology. Fujifilm is the old but the young spirit. 
digital camera, mirrorless camera, sony NEX, Panasonic, Olympus
Mirrorless cameras. Image:
5.    Panasonic - Panasonic camera design concerned with the efficiency, speed and practical than it looks cool / pretty. The design is minimalist and somewhat rigid form. Panasonic's like a manager who is busy but can get the job done efficiently.
6.    Pentax - Pentax is essentially conservative and focused brand DSLR camera design that has a durable casing and bad weather. Many Pentax lenses are unique like pancake lens. It is so called because it is made of metal and very thin. Pentax was no death adventurer like Indiana Jones.
7.    Sony - As a manufacturer of cameras and lenses, Sony is relatively new (history began when it acquired Konica-Minolta), Sony is an innovative company and continues to design and shape features of the new camera in a short amount of time. Sony DSLR design leave it deems outdated and develop SLT and Sony NEX system. Sony is like a young kid who is always up to date on the technology (not clueless).
8.    Olympus - Olympus (Olympus PEN specifically) have a rather traditional design (such as a film camera) but it (the technology) is modern and up-to-date. Relatively light weight and small size compared to regular DSLR camera. Olympus is like an artist who likes to be different.

Do you have found your own uniqueness and character? Each photographer also has the character and uniqueness of each in use and focuses them in selecting the objects to be retrieved. You can only have two brands of cameras at once that you can use to suit the particular needs of activities you will do.



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