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Canon Digital SLR Cameras that existed in 2013

Canon DSLR is a brand that is still popular, though there are many options mirrorless camera on the market, and prosumer cameras from other brands. Canon Digital SLR cameras are still widely hunted by those looking for a camera, especially the photography enthusiast. Canon products are supported by a variety of interesting features with sharp lenses. You will find there are several series DSLR that sold at affordable price.

If you have not been tempted by mirrorless camera, and you want to jump from a compact system camera to a Digital SLR camera, then you could consider a series of Canon cameras such as the following:

Canon EOS 1100D
Canon EOS 1100D, DSLR for begginer, entry level camera
Canon EOS 1100DImage:
Canon EOS 1100D is very suitable as a gift for your child who is growing into a young child or children you are a new incoming class of High School. They do not need to use an expensive DSLR camera. EOS 1100D may be referred to as the cheapest Canon DSLR camera, less than USD500. Canon EOS 1100D is equipped with a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.7 inch LCD screen, ISO sensitivity 100-6400, and video recording 720p (HD).

This camera seems very suitable for beginners and has a limited budget. Friends of mine are also many chose this camera because the image is sharp and has interesting features. You can also buy a variety of other original lenses from Canon or third party lenses such as Tamron, Sigma, Tokina or Samsyang, so you can make great pictures like a professional photographer. Thus you have to seriously learn user manual for this camera and actively use it, so picture that produced by the Canon EOS 1100D, can compete other professional cameras.

Canon EOS 650D
Canon EOS 650D, new digital SLR camera, full HD camera
Canon EOS 650DImage:
Although Canon has launched the Canon EOS 700D, but you do not always have to buy the latest series. You can save money by buying the previous series, the Canon EOS 650D. You can rely on Canon EOS 650 D which is reinforced with the exact same CMOS sensor with EOS 550D series, namely 18 Megapixel. Tampila visual sector, he will present the Vari-Angle screen 3-inch LCD Touchscreen. While the brain uses Digic 5 image processing made ​​by Canon. You can also make video clips with HD quality with the quality of this camera.

Canon EOS 650D could be the right choice candidates enthusiast photographers who want to pursue photography without having mengluarkan money is too big. Price of this camera can still be bought at affordable prices.

Canon EOS 60D
Canon EOS 60D, full HD camera, Canon lens, professional photographer
Canon EOS 60D. Image:
Canon EOS 60D camera is equipped with 18 megapixel resolution, the Canon EOS 60D screen will carry a 3-inch TFT LCD that can be rotated. Camera dimensions 144.5 x 105.8 x 78.6mm this is also going to present some additional specs like LCD charming, two-wheel dial and Pack LP-E6 battery that can last a long time. He is also a type of camera that is resistant to dust and water. The camera caught the attention fotogfafer serious beginners to learn to be a professional photographer. Are you going to forget the 60D and you will choose the Canon EOS 70D?

Canon EOS 7D

Here's one made ​​by Canon DSLR camera that is perfect for you who want to really pursue the world of photography. Canon seems to have been deliberately presenting this series EOS 7D to spoil the users who like photography.
Canon EOS 7D, professional DSLR camera, new canon camera
Canon EOS 7D. Image:
Specification Canon EOS 7D offered was fairly highly qualified, which this camera has a CMOS sensor APS-C 18 megapixel autofocus system is supported by more sophisticated. Not only that, the performance that will be offered is also somewhat faster thanks to the Dual DIGIC 4 image processor. For his ISO, 100-6400 range which still can be increased up to 12,800.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

One of the advanced cameras released by Canon in 2012 and the EOS 5D Mark III series. This high end camera in on Full Frame DSLR camera range. Specifications offered Canon EOS 5D Mark III considered premium and very sophisticated.
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 1100D, EOS 60D, Canon EOS cameras
Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Image:
In it he will be overwhelmed by a qualified specifications, including 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor resolution, Clear View II LCD screen measuring 3.2 inches, Digic 5 + processor, Full HD Movie recording and much more. By offering qualified specification as it is, it would not be surprising if this DSLR camera is priced fairly expensive, around USD 3499 (Body-Only). 

If you are not fascinated with Digital SLR camera specifications made ​​by Canon, then you can see the main competitor Canon, Nikon or Sony kemera the Alpha series. Both of these brands also provide the option of an affordable price and type for beginners, middle-class to high-end. You could also consider the Pentax camera, the Panasonic Lumix and Olympus.

Quality of today's digital cameras are now getting better, any brand. You will get the results of image and video in high definition with great quality. You can make a creative photo and various styles of photography fits your needs and your creativity. Important that you are prepared to be creative and serious. Remember not the song, but who sang the song.


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