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Pocket digital cameras with full frame capability

Do you want to have a full frame digital camera? Now you can get the first compact cameras with full-frame sensor, combined with a sharp lens. If you have extra money, then you can choose Sony Cybershot RX-1. If the current compact cameras range in a thinner design and longer range lenses. But Sony tried to offer a refreshing innovation with Cybershot RX-1 that carries a new concept in the world of digital cameras. Sony Cybershot RX-1 is a compact camera first (and still the only one) in the world who have been using a full-sized sensor or full-frame.
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Sony Cybershot RX 1. Image:

Sony Cybershot RX1 is quite large but still smaller than some prosumer cameras that rely on lenses with long zoom range. The camera body is made of metal making heavy weight, but it feels more solid than most pocket cameras when used shooting. The use of this metal also successfully sowed exclusive and luxurious aura when you see and use it.
Sony RX1 using a full-sized sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels, the same sensor as the Sony Alpha SLT-A99. Combined with Carl Zeiss T lens * (T star) 35mm f/2.0, RX1 can produce stunning photos. The lenses can be found with silent focus and almost no noise. When you use this camera you can find focus fast enough, although not equivalent to DSLR cameras.

If you are a novice photographer, you can count on Sony RX1 with various photography features fun, so you can produce a good photograph. Such features include Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range), DRO (Dynamic Range Optimizer), and Auto Portrait Framing, Creative Style, Picture Effects, and Full HD video recording support.

At the time of use, the Auto HDR and DRO are effective enough to produce images with a wide dynamic range in difficult light conditions. By experimenting, you'll find which one is suitable for securities you. If still not satisfied, you can shoot in RAW format and edit them on the computer. With all its sophistication, the camera is priced very high, even higher than entry level digital SLR cameras.



  1. Sony is one of the most famous digital cameras manufacturing company. The Sony cyber shoot model is one of the most famous digital camera. I am also using one of the most famous digital camera i.e Panasonic Lumix.

  2. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
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