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Tips for being a professional photographer

After you enjoy the holiday season, you might want to buy a digital SLR camera after you see your friend showcasing his picture on Facebook. You fascinated with photographs of your friends, and you were told that the photos were taken with a Digital SLR camera. If you are serious about hobby in photography,  you do not need to rush to buy an expensive camera. In the online shop you can buy a digital SLR camera from a very affordable price, the price of a middle-class cameras and high end cameras.

Professional SLR Digital Cameras usually have a quality camera body more resilient because most of the metals (aluminium alloy), waterproof and weather resistant, and certainly very expensive. This leads to a professional DSLR camera / high end will be more severe and massive forms.

Compare with DSLR cameras, the material is mostly of plastic or poly carbonate, so it feels lighter, smaller body size as well. Entry level DSLR camera is designed for people who are low purse, but want to be successful as an amateur photographer. If this is your dreams, then you certainly can.

Professional DSLR cameras have a faster shutter speed. For example, a professional DSLR camera can shoot five to eight photos per second, compared with the entry level DSLR camera that can only shoot about 3 or 4 photos per second. This is due to differences in the quality of the hardware and software that is planted in DSLR cameras. If you are a novice photographer, the difference of the speed is certainly not a significant issue.

Professional DSLR cameras usually have two LCD screens, one in back, and one on top. Function LCD display that is above will allow us to see the main camera settings, especially in the sun. In anatomy, professional and beginner DSLR camera is a bit different; especially shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and white balance, but how to hold a DSLR camera remains the same.

Professional DSLR camera usually looks more complicated because a lot of buttons to change the setting so that gives a lot of options to generate photo. Unlike the entry level DSLR camera, the setting is simpler, and not too complicated, but the resulting image selection is also not as much as a professional camera.

Although professional DSLR cameras are usually more advanced than DSLR cameras, but sometimes, DSLR camera is a better choice. Professional DSLR cameras are too heavy and take up a lot of space for long trips.

If you're just learning photography, when you try a professional DSLR cameras will probably confuse you. For example, at the beginning of your learning using a Canon 600D, and then you try a more advanced camera of a friend you are, for example Canon 7D, Canon 7D although not classified as a full professional DSLR cameras, then you will definitely feel the complexity of the settings on the Canon EOS 7D. Similarly, if after you use your Nikon D3200, then you will feel the same when you try Nikon D800, a sophisticated full frame camera.

Camera manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras classify their products as follows: entry level, semi, professional, and professional users. If you have a decent budget, you can buy a semi-professional DSLR camera. If you have begun to master the use of the camera well, you can begin to purchase additional lenses like macro lens, telephoto lens, or a superzoom lens 18-270 mm. You do not have to buy the original lens in accordance with the camera you use because you can buy third-party lenses such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and other brands. A third-party lens for specific types of lenses are generally cheaper than the original, yet is able to produce images with high quality. It depends on your mastery when using and combine it with your camera.

Best advice: You should frequently try your camera with a variety of conditions, location, photo objects, and the atmosphere, so that you become more proficient in shooting. You also need to learn how to edit photos and a variety of tricks, so you are able to produce good both in terms of quality, aesthetics, beauty and various other aspects.

I also recommend joining the photography club, come hunting with friends or a club, and you have to trust yourself to enrol in photography contest. Victory is not the main thing. The most important thing you gained valuable experience from these activities.

If you are getting an expert with your camera, then you should prepare money to buy a professional camera or a full frame camera in the future.



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