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Tips assembles desktop computers for gaming

Do you want to assemble a computer for gaming? If you are serious you can assemble a computer yourself so you feel more satisfied. Satisfaction, you will start from the selection of the contents of your computer like a hard drive, processor, DVD or Blu-Ray, RAM and speakers, and so on.

That is certainly very influential computer specifications for computer use, especially if you like playing games, whether online or offline game. From this hobby can also be a business idea, maybe if you want to open the online gaming center.

 There are several points to note for the specification of PC / computer. You can assemble a computer with minimum specifications for a computer game, of course with a budget friendly price with us. You can use the tips below:

To represent economic Motherboard, I encourage you to use the ECS motherboard. I always consider about Reasonable price and performance that has been pretty consistent to make me choose it as a reference in this post. Llano AMD ECS A75F-M2 is the cheapest board that can be obtained at this time. As for AMD AM3 platform, I chose ECS A880LM-M (AMD760 chipset). On the Intel side, I encourage you to use the H61 chipset (ECS H61H2-M2) the price is very affordable. If you have more money can choose motherboards from Asus, Asrock or MSI.

Minimum of 2.5 MHz Processor Intel Dual Core or AMD Athlon / Phenom X2 unlocked to X3. Higher processor highly recommended for comfort in playing the game. Now you can get a processor Intel Core i3 starting to Core i7.

For RAM I suggest to use 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Size 2 GB is quite mediocre. However, this is often used and the capacity is sufficient to carry out a variety of the latest 3D games. I suggest you to use 4GB of RAM or above, so you are more satisfied to play the game.

Hard Disk
500 GB capacity cannot be considered large. However, given the limited funds, I encourage you to use it. 500 GB capacity is large enough for the installation of some of the latest games. Just make sure that you select the type of hard disk that prioritizes performance, not power consumption, because the hard disk that tend to promote low power consumption will give low performance (loading the game will be slow). If you grow your game collection, you should buy at least a 500GB external hard drive or 1TB.

VGA card
For systems without an integrated VGA, I used the reference NVIDIA GeForce GT430. Various unique features NVIDIA VGA can be used from this. Support a good driver becomes its own advantages. Of course, as an alternative, you can also use other options such as the AMD Radeon 5570 which has a performance similar to NVIDIA GeForce GT430. PC games outstanding in 2012 and in the future would require a VGA card with a higher specification, especially if you play games with 3D features.

Heatsink / Cooler
It is also very important, playing the game by typing certainly very different. While playing the game once the processor gets hot even over. 

To resolve the issue then you should use a better alternative cooling, do not use the default cooling available on the processor you buy. Some of the points above are the minimum specifications for a gaming computer. If you want to replace with a higher specification is better. If you are a gamer would know about the importance of computer specifications that we use to play the game.

If you want to enjoy a great game, remember to buy the surround speakers and a subwoofer, and a minimum 21 inch LED monitor. You will enjoy the game as in a theatre, but set the volume so that you are not being protested by neighbours.

If you have enough money, you can open a gaming center at the mall or near your home. Gaming hobby can make a lot of money, so that you can be an entrepreneur in the entertainment field.


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