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Do you like to read a novel or newspaper with E-Book reader or Tablet? In America, sales of e-readers are better than tablets, according to Pew Research conducted in May this year. Pew is doing research on the 2277 respondents also showed that the ownership of the tablet is more than the other gadgets, are still under mobile phones, desktops, laptops and e-reader.

But the tablets are the future of mobile internet (mobile internet). No news of Amazon's Kindle, but the manufacturers of e-reader Nook Color will transform its products into a tablet. In the market, a growing number of tablets that comes in a variety of innovations and prices, such as the Acer Iconia Tab A500, known as a cheap tablet android honeycomb.

There are many people are choosing Tablet PC. This is the reason why choosing a tablet:

    - Internet browsing more fun
    - Design a more attractive
    - Better screen quality
    - Applications that are more innovative and varied, especially on the tablet with android system
    - Tablets can read the e-book you know!
    - Better operating system, supports email, browsing and additional applications
    - More choice. There are many tablets from different manufacturers in the market that are available.

Today, the use of tablets is very comon.Both young and old as if it cannot get out of the gadgets on this one. Because of its simple and practical to make some people switch to a tablet than a laptop for just reading e-books or browsing the internet.

Based on a survey conducted by Meltwater Group as much as 64% more women than men choose Nook is only around 36%. And for the iPad 2, as much as 60% of men prefer this gadget while 40% are female devotees. This is because the women thought that the iPad 2 is less simple and too many applications that end up making their confusion. While the Nook is more concentrated on the features of their e-book and also because of a more targeted marketing to women.

Barnes & Noble did a brilliant marketing strategy by means of actress Jane "Sue" Lynch of Glee TV series that are popular among teenagers, especially women. Maybe it was the strongest factor that causes Nook become a lively topic discussed by the women bloggers there.



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