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If you have a digital camera, you definitely have a lot collection of photos stored on memory cards and hard disks. Usually you just print the important ones to display at the office desk or in the walls of the house. Do you always print them in a mall? Actually you can buy a printer at the store or online store. Having your own home photo printer is a very pleasant thing. As well as saving costs can also save energy and time because you do not have to go to a place where photo printing away from home.

Lots of brand printers that offer a captivating photo prints on the market or at a computer store. Which again is more advantageous than able to print photos, we can also yield data
 to print office work and others at a printer. It is very practical indeed. Concerning the quality of photo printing to the layman may not be so striking in comparison with the results of a large print using a machine specifically for printing photos. But for people who are used to wrestle in it will see much difference in the resulting picture quality of existing printers in general. The most striking difference appears in three different kinds of things below:
- If we examined more closely would appear there is a faint small spots. This is because the ability of the printer to eject the ink onto the paper it is less dense. As for printing photos using special large machine will not be visible spots so that images will be more clearly seen as the original.
- The resistance of a home printer printout is not able to survive long, especially if the photographs displayed on walls and exposed to bias the sunshine will quickly fade. The results of photo lab prints will usually last up to tens of years or even longer.
- Usually a home printer will often have problems on the color cartridges are often leaky or clogged so that not infrequently it makes users become stressed.

If indeed we are forced to choose a home printer as well then there are a few tips on choosing the best home photo printer or at least better that I can give to you.
- Choose a photo printer that durable and easily repaired. In this case I recommend you use a printer like the Canon because in my opinion this type of printer to survive long enough, a lot of spare parts so if something is broken completely, then you do not need to replace with a new printer for which you need to buy
 only the defective parts .
- Select a printer to print images with 4 pieces cartridges. Each cartridge has a different color. Most commercially available are printers that have two cartridges. One black cartridge and the other have three spot color inks. This often leads to a single color ink spills into another color so that damage the color photos. Forced it makes us have to remove the cartridges and cartridge head with a tissue wipe. This will make the cartridges easily damaged.
- Use a printer with an additional infusion tube. This is important because then you do not need to remove the cartridges when the ink has run out and just simply pour it into a tube that is outside.
- You can buy a portable printer from Canon and specifically for printing photos. But you can consider printers manufactured by Kodak, Epson, HP, Sony or others. Even you can get all in one printer is equipped with Wi-Fi facilities.

Whatever photo printer you choose, make sure that you will use them often.



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