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Does your laptop, netbook, tablet PC or your computer already got the right protection? Protect computer from virus threats is very important because the virus will interfere with your activities related to computers. A virus can only spread in the computer make your computer run into trouble frequently and sometimes even can not be used at all. It takes a reliable antivirus to mitigate attacks that come in the form of viruses, spyware, malware or other problems that threaten the survival of an operating system Windows, Mac, Android, and other systems.

 Anti Virus is an important utility programs to be installed dikomputer us, for they are certainly a lot more money to use Anti Virus Premium has many features to protect your computer while online and offline.

As a user who frequently use a free Anti Virus I would like to share a few tips on choosing free antivirus but can protect our computer optimally, here are the tips:

Choosing AntiVirus Virus has updated the data base every day (up to date) This is the most important, because it's useless if we install the antivirus but the virus data base that's it, while new viruses continue to scattered, so look for anti-virus is up to date with the latest virus data base.
 Check first if we have anti-virus pairs able to detect a virus or not with the script of EICAR (European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research). Please click here to read the article.

There is a locally-made antivirus does not detect the EICAR script, I was also a bit hesitant when using Anti-Virus and consequently when I remove my anti-virus and install new anti virus scan turned out to fit in there are many viruses in my company. so the script from the EICAR may be a consideration in choosing a good antivirus.

  Selecting an antivirus that already have a name, at least while they are certainly free anti-virus as the owner is not too make a difference with premium features that they have, because I think it is a free antivirus them in a media campaign to introduce its premium antivirus.

 The good news is, You can download antivirus for free on the Internet. When you are satisfied you can certainly upgrade the status of your antivirus from free to paid, so you get a more complete anti-virus facility with many features. 

If you are not satisfied with the antivirus you are using now, you can replace it with new antivirus from low-cost, premium or free.



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